Koya Lures XL 16" HEAVY TACKLE Maximus Root Beer | Vinyl Skirt - Like New

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  • Tournament MUST HAVE!
  • Kona Cpt Bryan Toney has caught several 500 pounders and had 700 pounders on back to back days!
  • The XXL Maxiums Lure is collaboration with Captains Bryan Toney, Kaiwi Joe and lure maker Eric Koyangi
  • Skirted in vinyl by a professional Kona fisherman
  • Massive Lure, meant to be rigged, but can be used as a teaser
  • Best price! 
  • Get it before it gets away! 

Skirted Weight: 18.5 oz
Size: Skirts are cut to 12" but this is a 16" monster
Recommended posistion: Short corner