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Vintage Hollowpoint - Ice Blue - Modified - used

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Hollow Point Hard Head Modified Invert - Ice Blue - Used

We happened upon this one fron a Kona Captain. This was once an invert that is now a hardhead.

*So what is the story behind this modified Hollowpoint lure? *
As told to us by the owner, a Kona Captain. 
"Its old - bought out of Pacific Rims [in Kona] used box maybe 23 yrs ago. I had some bites on it and caught a nice ahi on it right after I bought it. 
It then it went in a box and got forgoten about. First time I went to run it somebody dropped it on the deck and cracked the lip so I had my deckhand take it home to try fix the lip but the way it shattered he couldn't fix it so he cut the lip off turned it into a hardhead and then polished the whole thing. 

He brought it back and we never ran it again which is why it looks brand new! "

Hollowpoint lures were origianly made in Port Macquarie, NSW Australia by Tony Graham who sold the company and since then the origainl shapes have never bene seen again from the new company. 

No notable cracks or chips. We have no idea how this will run! 
Sold As Is. 
Size: 12"