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Kraken Candy Marlin Lure 14" Plunger - Crack & Chip Resistant - New

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KRAKEN CANDY Marlin Lures RED 14" Plunger  - Made of Polyurethane and wont Chip!

Kraken Candy are the newest Hawaiian lures to come from tournament wining captain Cyrus Widhalm, made by a fisherman for fisherman. We are the exclusive distributor!

This 14", inch slant is a heavy hitter in the spread! Runs great in all seas and prefers the long corner or the short rigger.

Made from polyurethane they are crack resistant and come in custom hues not found elsewhere. 

Curved holographic 4-sided inserts match the exact lines of the lure mimicking the curvature of bait fish and actual light refraction.

8 oz / 227 grams
About the lure maker
Captain Cyrus Widhalm grew up sport fishing with legendary captains in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. He started working as crew, became a captain and bought his own boat. He now runs his own charter company. He started making lures for his own personal use 4 years ago with advice from Kona’s top lure makers. They produce so well and now he only runs his own lures.