Fountain Lures Heavy Tackle Plunger Black 14" Heavy Tackle Jetted New

Fountain trolling lures are made by Hawaii fisherman Steve Fountain based on Kauai. His lures are made in very small batches and only found in a few local shops in Hawaii. Fountain lures are one of Hawaii’s best kept secrets! Steven Fountain has been hand making Fountain Lures for over 30 years.

  • Great chance to get your hands on one now!
  • Brass Jets
  • Jetted – 6 jets help displace water and keep the lure down
  • Abalone chips
  • Signature red eye logo
  • Weight 8.6 oz / 244 gr

* These lure brand new and are being sold on consignment. The owner sold his boat before he was able to rig and run them, so his loss is your gain. We have the lures and will ship from Kona.