Ali'i Kai Lures Purple Jetted 7" Bullet - New

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Disco Ball Bullet 4-jet Kona Cpt Shawn Rotella - New

  • An aggressive little lure, due to the jets
  • A great lure for all species and conditions. 
  • Rare to find 7" jetted bullets! 
  • Also available skirted in Flashabou

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    Weight: 2.6oz / 74 gr
    Skirt Saddle: 7"
    Condition: New
    Suggested Position: Stinger


    About the lure maker:Ali’i Kai Lures are made by Kona Charter Captain Shawn Rotella who has been fishing Hawaiian waters for over two decades. Shawn got his start in lure making after meeting Joe Yee and the late Tom Futa over 22 years ago while working at Hawaii Fiberglass in Oahu.

    He wondered who those 2 older guys were that kept buying gallons of resin—and what they were doing with it! Shawn was already experienced in working with resin because he made surfboards and was big game fishing in Oahu so the transition to lure making was instinctive. It was initially Tom Futa to first to get Shawn going with some basic lure making knowledge Invites to Joe Yee and Tom Futa’s workshop followed.

    Before Tom Futa fully retired Shawn Rotella purchased many of Futa’s molds, including with the wooden shape masters to make duplicate the molds. For the last 11 years he has been running his own charter boat in Kona and testing and perfecting his handmade baits for just as long. Now for the first time they are being offered worldwide to all fisherman. Ali’i Kai means King of the Sea.