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Coggin Lures HEAVY TACKLE Tado Scoop 18" Jetted Purple – XXL Marlin Tackle - Skirted New

_Marlin Magazine named the Tado one of the 10 best lures of all times _
_"I first started making it during the late '70s and early '80s at a time when most guys were making smaller lures. I gave one to Chip Van Mols on Jen Ken Po, and he caught a 700-pounder on it". Steve promptly named the lure Tado, the Kona slang name for a skipjack over 10 pounds, Otado." Steve Coggin _
_The big Tado went on to secure its reputation catching a 1,197-pound blue during the 1993 Lahaina Jackpot, holding the spot for the largest tournament fish ever caught for several years running. (courtesy of Marlin Magazine). _

This was custom ordered for big money tournaments! However the lures were never paid for so now is your chance to own this one of a kind monster bait!

  • The Tado runs with a radical weaving & diving action for lots of action. 
  • 4 Jets
  • Dichro Insert, pearly belly
  • Skirted by Steve Coggin

Skirted Weight: 22 oz

*How did Steve Coggin start making lures? *
Steve Coggin started making lures in Oahu in the 1970's. His fishing buddy was
Dr Park, who was a dentist and was skilled in making dental molds. 
They would often mold lures that worked well (back then on the old Sampans) and fish them. 
One day they decided to design their own lure, to make a big lure no one else had! 
They went back to the (dental) office and created the extreme Tado! If you ever come across a lure with COPA etched in it you can be sure you have an original Park/Coggins.