Bomboy Lures - Purple Ono Candy Fish Head LEAD -Heavy - Used

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Bomboy Lures Vintage Lead Fish Head  Purple -  10.8 oz

Probably made before Niiyama was born!

You don't see these too often unless you fishing with Captain Bomboy Llanes on Bomboy's Toy. 

We won't guarantee it's indestructible or will last forever....however this a great lure for Ono (Wahoo). Save your favorite resin heads and spice up your jet head spread! 

Captain Bomboy also is an expert taxidermist, hand painting all his work and this lure is no exception. 

There is no label but we did confirm with Bomboy directly that this is one of his. 

Bomboy is a 3rd generation Kona Captain and had been fishing big game fish and making lures for over 40 years! His father Kona Captain Kenny Llanes taught him from an early age. Bomboy captains full-time and runs his own lures. However he does not make too many lures.