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Big Reidee Lures

Big Reidee Lures Are HOT! – Orange & Pearl 9” Jetted x 4 Plunger – Skirted – Best Price!

Big Reidee Lures - Handmade Plungers by Ron Akana  

Big Reidee lures have been killing it Hawaii and are very popular in the rougher waters of Oahu.

Priced below retail!   This lure skirted retails for  $95. 
Handmade in Oahu by Ron Akana and made in very small batches! 

  • Simply stunning and made from the heart
  • Plunger with a scoop face and 4 jets

We had a chance to talk story with lure craftsman Ron Akana! Here is what he shared with us about his lure making craft and influences! 

"I started making lures in the early 1980’s. I first learned how to make trolling lures from Rodney Sunaoka while fishing with him out of Kaneohe in the early 80’s. One of our consistent heads was a Gary Yamamoto jetted plunger and I used that shape and changed the jets to 1/8” tubing thinking that I could get more weight on my insert and the skinnier tubing would generate a higher frequency sound that would attract the ahi. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m sticking to that belief.  

"Also.....we all know that “copying” exactly a luremakers shape and “style” is taboo. Gary’s a good friend and keeps pushing me to increase production but that’s just not what I “do”.  


Weight: 5.5 oz / 156 grams
Size: 9"
Condition: New