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Lure-Making 101 / 102 by Jim Rizzuto - The Kona Chronicles - New

Lure-Making 101/102 by Jim Rizzuto - The Kona Chronicles 
Learn how to make trolling lures, resin lures, big game lures! Also learn about the history of big game fishing lures and some of the early Hawaiian lure makers. 

The late Jim Rizzuto was an authority on sports fishing, Hawaiian lures and lure making. 

He wrote about the Hawaiian sports fishing scene beginning in 1964 and was one one of the earliest freelance writers for Marlin Magazine--putting the Kona fishing and tournament scene on the map.  

His love and passion of saltwater fishing and big game lures lead him to learn how to make his own lures. In Lure-Making 101/102 Jim Rizzuto shares his vast knowledge about lure making and the history of Hawaiian lures. The book is 140 pages and includes color photos.

Lure-Making 101/102 is the lure makers bible. However if you are interested in learning more about the history of Big Game Lures than you will not find another book with this kind of information. 

Most popular lure makers today have all ready Jim's book, and won't part with it. 

We also have a few copies Lure Making 201/202


ISBN 9780971673991

Sadly Jim Rizzuto passed away in July 2017. 

Please note we have lures for sale made by Jim Rizzuto and more to list as well as several that were from his private collection. Click here to see the collection.